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Peace out, SoleilAlae

I’ll be purchasing another tank for Snooz here and setting it up soon, so I’m quite looking forward to getting him a larger tank, because he’s in dire need of one as his old tank has begun leaking and yesterday morning I awoke to find him near death.  He’s completely back to normal now, just confined until my mother returns.  Something toxic seeped into his tank and I have a feeling it might be the tank cartridge, therefore the water in the tank is too toxic to use for cleaning his gravel and toys.  I’ll be taking the rocks out and what not and letting them dry.  The bacteria is just too out of wack and recently he recovered from ammonia burns that ravaged his tail thanks to the failure of his old filter.  Ever since that thing malfunctioned it’s been a tyrant to try and balance the bacteria again.

Fact of the matter is, the tank ran beautifully when I only did a full change once a month.  He was thriving.  But as soon as that filter gave out, nope.  Even with the new filter it’s still off.

I won’t be using bleach to clean anything, but rather aquarium salt.  Beach is too dangerous, and actually has very little effect on freshwater bacteria and parasites.

Atop that, been struggling to keep mosquitos out of the tank because of the summer humidity and the fact our outside pond is right outside the door.  Reeeeaaaally nice.  So, I’ll be getting a ballooning net to scrunch over the top and keep them out. 

Bad times, man.

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